Catherine Smart
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"Catherine can do everything! She's a skilled cook, accomplished stylist, inventive recipe developer, lively writer, and delightful in front of a TV camera. If she's on your team, no matter how hard the work is, you'll laugh too."

/  Sheryl Julian former food editor, the boston globe  /


"I've worked with Catherine on numerous collaborations, and speaking engagements. Her zeal for her industry is clear, and energizing to everyone in the room. Catherine's personable and effective talks make the audience feel as if they're learning from a friend; she filters her deep-rooted knowledge and experience into accessible lessons and takeaways for all."



"Catherine has been our personal chef for more than five years.  At one point, I ventured out on my own, and we lasted about six months before my family begged to have her back. Catherine is a professional, unyieldingly devoted chef, who has a magical way of making healthy food taste delicious.  Even my 12 year-old son — who’s selectively allergic to vegetables — is a fan of her food.  She has taught my family not only how to prepare healthy meals, but how to stay on track with mindful snack choices, and recipe suggestions for the times we don’t have her to cook for us. To say Catherine is a typical personal chef is so limiting; she developed a secret sauce made with 10 kinds of vegetables that tastes just like marinara, and she has us eating shells stuffed with a healthy tofu mixture that tastes just like rich ricotta filling — she’s a genius in the kitchen!"

/  Kerridan Crowe, Winchester, MA /